Private School „RIMS” established in 2011, is a private kindergarten, primary, middle
and high school located in Riga, Latvia. RIMS is registered with the National Ministry
of Education. RIMS currently admits students to kindergarten (1.5 -5 ), preparation
class 5-6), primary school (1-6 grades grades) and middle school (7-9 grades).
RIMS follows the national curriculum of Ministry of Education of Latvia. Education in
RIMS focuses on the development of the child placing a strong emphasis on social
values such as respect, courtesy and discipline.

RIMS provides education in English, Latvian and Russian. We emphasize English as
the medium of communication in the school. English language education at RIMS
starts from kindergarten. With bilingual education, RIMS aims to help students obtain
an international perspective in education from early ages.

Our school premises, recently renovated, is located in Riga. The school building is
equipped with all necessary facilities for modern education. The premises is easily
accessible from all directions by public or private transportation.