RIMS recognizes that each child is an individual; that all children are creative; that all children need to succeed. Therefore, RIMS respects the individual needs of children; fosters a caring and creative environment; and emphasizes the social, emotional, physical, intellectual development of each child.

Our role in your child’s education is to help each student come into confident possession of his or her innate talents, improve the skills needed for success in and outside the school, and establish values that will allow him/her to act with thoughtfulness and humanity.

Our school promotes a safe, orderly, caring, and supportive environment. Each pupil’s self-esteem is fostered by positive relationships with students and staff. We encourage our parents, teachers, and community members to be actively involved in our education system.

We are committed to bring up individuals who are resilient and adaptable, equipped with the knowledge, skills, and disposition to continue their education and become personally fulfilled, interdependent, socially responsible adults.